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Many relationships, not old or new, but after some experience together, you really feel that the other party is very good, which is worth you, to seriously deal with and dig into the heart of the relationship.


Sometimes, we live very tired, not too mean life, but we are too easy to be infected by the outside atmosphere, by other people's emotions. In fact, you are living for yourself, not many people can keep you in mind.


Unhappy things need to be cleared regularly so that there is room for happiness. There is no thing that can't be passed, only the mood that can't be passed, so the heart must be more sunny, live not by mood, but by mentality.


Time is like a big sieve, which can withstand filtering and think it's a good friend to play with. Maybe it's not as good as you think. Only after the test of time, people will see each other for a long time, and finally stay, is the real friend.


Happiness and sorrow are life, bitterness and sweetness are life. Whether it's busy or desolate, don't be too nostalgic about the scenery you've seen. After all, you have to move on if you don't move on.


Don't stick to the things that make you miserable, don't think about the past that you can't go back. Since the past is so desperate, people always have to go forward. Some things, the sooner you give up, the better the future will be.


In the journey of life, there is always a time when you need to go and carry it by yourself. Don't feel afraid, 主动边坡防护网 don't feel lonely, it's just the price of growth.


Time is the most deceptive, but also let you understand that there is nothing in the world that can not be lost! What we leave is the scenery, what we leave is life, and what we get to the end is the right person.


Life is a train to the grave. There will be many stops on the way. It's very difficult for anyone to walk with him all the time. When someone with you wants to get out of the car, even if you don't give up, you should be grateful and wave goodbye.


All the things you 格宾网 have cried about, how many years later, you will laugh and say, and then scold yourself: at first really silly, in fact, there are not so many troubles in life, time will solve everything, love yourself.


In this world, no one can really feel the pain of another person. You have a thousand arrows piercing your heart. You are in great pain. It's just your own business. Others may sympathize with you or sigh, but you never know exactly where your wound is festering.


Our greatest sorrow is to walk in confusion without seeing the hope ahead; our worst habit is to live in the present without knowing the direction of tomorrow.


Don't be too obsessed with the present or worry about the future. When you experience something, the scenery is different from the past.


Life is not owed, others pay you, because others like, you pay others, because you are willing to. Voluntary feelings, no regrets.


Life is like a pencil that keeps on using. It starts sharp, but slowly rubs smoothly. But it's too smooth, and it's almost time to be cut again.


Life, how much to care about, how much pain; how much tolerance, how much joy. A calculating heart is like a pocket, and a tolerant heart is like a funnel. Complicated love calculation, simple heart easy to be happy.


Mentality is not good, life is easy to grow old. What kind of heart, you are what kind of person. People are not afraid of vicissitudes of life, they are afraid of the old heart.


No amount of money can stop death, no amount of beauty can please the King of Yan, and no amount of fame can go through life and death. So don't be too greedy, don't live too tired.


There are gains and losses in choosing any way of life. So don't envy or complain. All you can do is keep your body and mind in balance.


Life is short and things are changeable. Why do you care so much about everything, not to mention everywhere? In one's lifetime, however, there is no need to be excessively demanding, demanding too much, worrying too much, expecting too much, and suffering even more.